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  1. Daphney

    Allo cocote

  2. Daphney

    Allo ma cocote

  3. Mrs. Bebe

    I started using DF a few weeks ago and I am in love. Prior to using the products, my skin seemed a bit rough. I love the fact that after applying the body oil at night I don’t need to add body spray. My skin is softer, it has a natural glow. I don’t think there is another product for my body. I used it on everyone in my house and no complaints. Everyone agrees that after showering with the soap you feel clean and beautiful.

  4. Roseberline Moinson

    I love it

  5. Roseberline Moinson

    My review is for the cream Give me Good results.

  6. Roseberline Moinson

    Good Cream

  7. Roseberline Moinson

    I love this cream

  8. Roseberline Moinson

    This cream is great

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